Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Ready to weigh the anchor with the king of the sea

In the brand new single player pirate adventure game of 3DClouds, the world of pirates, plunder and procedural generation is waiting King of the ocean. Set up for the murder of your father, giving up the only life you know, and having no choice but to turn to pirates, King of the ocean Take you to the ever-changing ocean of tolerance and unfold the story of redemption and betrayal.

If there is no pirate ship, the pirate game will be cancelled! King of the ocean It is built around the strategic belly button, which means you must always pay attention to the wind direction, stay away from the wrong projectile trajectory, and line up a perfect firing route to drive the enemy ship to David Jones’ locker. Every time you repel an enemy ship in battle, the bounty on your head will increase, and by doing so, you will be able to take on countless of the most famous pirates in history and truly become the king of the sea.

Go out to sea on your own pirate ship, customize all the items from the bow to the stern (from front to back are land skiers); can be equipped with different weapons to maximize damage to the enemy ship, can be equipped with figure heads to improve various performances, and sails can be called up Increase the speed, and many other changes will make even the toughest captain think twice before engaging in battle.

Sailors eager to explore the vast world will not be disappointed King of the ocean The world is produced by programs; the layout of oceans, rock formations, volcanoes, fishing spots, pirate skins and islands-with irresistible treasure temptation-is different for everyone.

King of the ocean

The sea conditions are constantly changing and are affected by the day/night cycle and dynamic weather systems; use the wind to blow the sails and cross the waves at an alarming speed, but beware of storms. The sea is a cruel mistress, and when ready sailors tore up the mast and tore off the planks, and even the most professionally built ships are damaged, the unprepared sailors regret their decision to take on nature.

The driving force behind every piracy is wealth…except, you have to know, to clear your name and take back the house.Islands and oceans King of the ocean It is a veritable trophy gold mine, and the time is ripe for mining: groups of sunken shipwrecks are scattered in the open ocean, and Xs are scattered on this desolate island. The treasure is just waiting for a greedy pirate with a shovel to plunder the loot.

King of the ocean

After a full day (or night) sailing at sea, docked at King of the ocean, But we recommend that you make sure that the person you recently stole from there or attempted to murder does not live in it. In addition to brutal ideas, the port in the game also provides opportunities to trade loot, purchase upgrades for ships, and even recruit new crew members to help your journey, thereby improving the statistics of the keel and the chance of survival.

Loot is not the only driving force for a pirate life. Ports around the world can carry out missions to provide you with loot, gold, and even a chance to discover the truth so that you can go home and claim that you own you and seek justice.

King of the ocean

We look forward to welcoming you King of the ocean Will launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on May 25th! Adventures, treasures and piracy are waiting for me!

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King of the ocean

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“As the sun rises on the horizon and the new pirate dawns, the artillery shells reverberate in the seven seas. Put down the mooring equipment, unfold the sails, and get yourself into the center of the storm that shaped the empire. Forgive me for not killing your father.” King of Seas is an action role-playing game set in a deadly pirate world. In a fierce plot, you will fight to recapture the stolen items and embark on an epic adventure in a fantasy world full of battles, lost islands and treasures. As you strive to become the king of all pirates, a universe full of amazing characters and amazing missions will fascinate you. Main mechanics story: A series of missions will guide your journey and reveal interesting characters in the world of King of the Seas, who will take you to the next path of epic adventure. Procedural generation: Dive into the lush world of procedural generation, and constantly refresh the exploration mechanism in each new game. Dynamic world: The world responds to every movement of yours. The naval route keeps changing. It is difficult to adapt to the settlements after being conquered each time, which brings you more challenging times constantly. Map: The dense fog will ensure that driving to the target is not smooth sailing, after all, you don’t want to lose the fun of exploring! ? Navigation system: Atmospheric effects will affect gameplay. Sail in a storm at your own risk, avoid the enemy, and always remember to watch the wind direction carefully to maintain control in battle. The strategy starts here. Ship customization: Five highly customizable ships can be carried out through the equipment and skill system, just like in any real role-playing game! Combat system: There are not only cannon shooting and sailing strategies, but also speed and spectacle, thanks to a set of more than 20 skills for you to choose from, and three talents who are suitable for any game style. Special tasks of secondary mechanics: After completing these secondary tasks, you will receive additional rewards, and every settlement you conquer will become the source of new adventures! Treasure Hunt: Secret maps are hidden in the abyss, find them and get instructions to drown the treasure! Transaction: Each settlement produces a specific product with its market value. Buy them at the lowest possible price and sell them to other settlements in need. Buy low and sell high, this is the basis of trading! Fishing: Discover as many as 30 species of fish that live below the surface of the sea. Catch them all, but pay attention to the time of day and weather conditions… Ranking: Each victory will give you a bounty and compare it with the most famous pirates in history. Become the king of the ocean! Multiple difficulty: The difficulty level adds a substantial multiplier to the bounty in the game. How much can you generate in hardcore mode?