Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Rare N64 Classic GoldenEye 007 is no longer “banned” in Germany

Rare Legendary Nintendo 64 Shooter GoldenEye 007 It is believed that you are stuck in license hell, Very exciting Development in Germany now fans are wondering if it can be done finally Return.

According to many sources, the game is no longer “banned” for sale in Germany. It has been removed from the game index and it seems that one of Nintendo Europe’s partners is actively requesting reviews. This is an exact summary of what happened. Courtesy of Reddit user Shin_Ken:

Goldeneye 007 was taken from the German BPjM list of “media harmful to young people” that severely restricted sales in Germany.

This review process is automatic after 25 years, but in this case the review is actively requested before that date (in this case probably by one of Nintendo’s European partners acting as a proxy). ).

Such requests are not free, and usually you do not do it unless you plan something in your media.

Again, according to the sources above, outlets like Eurogamer German website, This request has occurred Previous The index has expired (25 years).Not surprisingly, the timing of this is now Leading to speculation About the game that appears in the “expansion pack” service of Switch Online that Nintendo recently launched. The N64 title is included as part of the package.

Earlier this year, when Rhea’s canceled XBLA GoldenEye 007 remaster was leaked online, discussions resurfaced about what it takes to get this particular game. Formally It has been released. Like the original N64 title, it’s a licensing nightmare-but one of the leaders of the remastered collaborative project said it was primarily on the Nintendo.

Want to see the original James Bond game for the N64 come back somehow? Do you think this latest development will change anything? Leave your own thoughts and theories below.