Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Random: Zelda: Breath of the Wild Player finds a beast trick and fails brilliantly

image: Nintendo

Approximately five years after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released, players still seek ways to do things that weren’t really intended, with the help of the game’s stunningly robust physics. I am.

I already knew about the usefulness of Octo Balloons (a material dropped from Octoroks). This can be used to temporarily float things. Attach them to the bombs and then use Korok Leaf to blow the bombs at something or attach them to a raft to create a skyship. Or use them to skip logs vertically, as this player (named “Yeef” on YouTube) did.

You can then climb to the top of the log. As long as you have more Octo balloons, you can adjust the number of Octo balloons to the required height and keep climbing.

And what else do you do with floating vertical logs? Of course, go find the bird-shaped beast, Ver Meadow, sooner than you think!

However, as Yeef says, game developers weren’t ready for this technique. When all the preparations are done, go to Vah Medoh and … fail. It seems that there is no collision detection of birds, so I can not land.

If you try to approach another beast before the same effect is achieved, Vah Ruta will throw you with a shield, Vah Naboris will lightning you, and Vah Rudania will blow you out of the volcano (and). Even if you pass it, the last invisible wall), and if you try to climb the pillars of the village of Rito before you are scheduled, you will be attacked by chickens.

Probably the developer It was After all, it’s ready, and the bird’s defense simply “disappears.”