Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: Zelda: Breath of the Wild player defeats the game twice without stepping into the same place

How would you plan your route through Hailaru? (image: @everestpipkin)

In its four and a half years, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” has been a popular one for its wonderful gameplay, seemingly endless secrets and malfunctions, and various fast-running possibilities. game. For Twitch anchor Everest Pipkin, one way to keep the magic alive is to have a particularly interesting run, they will never be able to cross their tracks.

Pipkin, his name is dirty Mount Everest, This task was first started in November last year. Our goal is to use the game’s heroic path mode-tracking every step Link takes and highlighting his trail on the map-to monitor every step and never walk past places that have already been explored. Pipkin described it as “a cumbersome, spiral, and retrospective journey that will force me to embark on an increasingly Byzantine world.”

Speaking of running Twitter, Pipkin revealed that they initially thought the challenge would involve saving frequently and finding the best route to complete each town and tower in order (rather than simply heading to Cannon from the beginning, a self-imposed rule means that all Sheikah Towers also Must be reached). It turns out that the way the game is saved ruined all of this:

The next problem that arises is that the map is of course displayed in 2D. The Hero’s Path trail does not take into account the difference in verticality, which means that it is very likely to accidentally cross the trail at a completely different height (Pipkin’s first restart was because they entered the front door of the Temple of Time, but it soon returned. Must visit the roof of the temple, this is the same place on the map).

As the game progressed, more and more similar problems appeared. In the end, the game lasted as long as eight months and restarted six times, as well as “countless moments of horror when it rained.” Here is what the map looks like after completion:

Zelda BOTW
image: @everestpipkin

The whole operation, lasting many many hours, can Watch again on YouTube If you are interested in. Similarly, This twitter thread Traverse all the interesting bumps on the road to completion. Congratulations to Mount Everest, you have done a great job with such great patience!