Image: Screenshot: Nintendo Life

Among the many new features included in yesterday’s version 2.0.0 update of Animal Crossing: The new horizon is the addition of villagers’ visits. Villagers invite you home or visit you for a nice chat and card game at your own home.

Seeing the villagers roaming the house for the first time and judging all the decoration decisions they made before casually flopping down to read a book in the middle of the living room makes me feel a little surreal, but how many? It’s certainly a good thing to have a company. Well, at least unless your house is full of cockroaches.

You see, if you haven’t played the game for a long time, your home will now be full of cockroaches. You will find them running around your carpet, and unless you crush them (bad!) They will stay there forever.

Interestingly, with the new update, villagers now have their own reaction when they see cockroaches in your home. It is no exaggeration to say that they are the least satisfied.

We don’t want home guests to say they don’t like their humble dwellings before the doors run out, so it’s a good idea to consider cleaning as soon as possible. If the villagers knocked before sorting, well … do I always have to kick them out of the island and never talk again?