Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Random: Yes, someone made a hand-held virtual boy with a lit button

We have seen various Nintendo’s outstanding home consoles turned into handheld devices by talented modders with some expertise and a lot of elbow grease and spray paint – we are considering fan games like Wiiboy Color or portable N64 – but You may not have thought that someone would get into trouble (From the video below, the trouble seems to be A lot) Construct a handheld virtual boy.

This is the YouTuber Calf module But it has been done. Obviously it takes “a lot of customized electronics, hardware and code” and a whole year to assemble, and the result is a small handheld Virtual Boy-called Real Boy-that runs properly on your gloved console VB cart (instead of playing through the viewfinder on the desktop).

The portable version of this smartphone-sized Nintendo’s least successful console has a customized screen and case, and even has a light button for the true glowing red atmosphere of the original stereoscopic 3D system. Pretty neat!

The following 27-minute video details the trials and tribulations of building this small machine, but we have to say that the results are impressive. Shank Mods have been formed in this regard, and other mods include Portable Wiis with GameCube Joy-Cons, But Real Boy is still a great achievement in our book, even though Virtual Boy is not everyone’s favorite.

Maybe it is our ardent Nintendo fan, but we have a soft spot for its small game library and being able to play them on devices with regular screens without having to take a break every 15 minutes, which sounds very attractive.

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