Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Random: Warm up Metroid Dread in the official series Adventure Book

image: Devin Monnens / Metroid database

What would you do? Was once a pandemic, but at least this scribe remembers the late 80’s and early 90’s. Travel around the world, win the league as a soccer / soccer team manager, or try to save the galaxy as Sams Alan with just a few descriptive texts, a few illustrations, dice, and imagination. .. Yes, in Japan, thanks to the Metroid entry in the NES Adventure Gamebook series, you didn’t need a video game to experience the series- Metroid: Zebesian Invasion..

For those who have no clue to this fun bit of publishing history, Did you know the game He took an interesting look at how the book works and how it incorporates ideas, and introduced ideas that will appear in the game decades later-a fairly standard sci-fi metaphor, fair but fun coincidence. is.

Check it out below:

Even more noteworthy is the sterling work of Devin Monnens (thanks to Devin Monnens’ sterling work (@deserthat) You can experience the book as a text adventure online.Adjust to format, but very rare considering the book itself When In Japanese, this is the way to try it in English.you can Please rotate here..

A fun bit of trivia we are eagerly waiting for Metroid dread This week you need to roll 4 to defeat Mother Brain …