Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Random: Waluigi “Invite Yourself” to Super Smash Bros. In this inspiring fan-made trailer

image: King Bob Gaming

Believe it or not, there is only one slot left to fill the second Fighters Pass. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.. Game director Masahiro Sakurai has also reiterated how this is done. For real It will be the last character to participate in the battle.

It’s not yet clear who the final fighter will be, but there are clearly many players who want to see Waluigi reveal. There’s no guarantee that this will happen, but fans can’t stop imagining what it would look like to add Waluigi to the game’s roster.

I have also seen the following modifications Project M (based on Super Smash Bros.) I went to the point of adding Waluigi as a playable character, and now YouTube channel King Bob Gaming We took it one step further with Waluigi’s fairly emotional public trailer. Waluigi finally decided to invite himself to the battle …