Monday, May 16th, 2022

Random: Two nicely snapped Game Boys are back from the dead

Halloween is this weekend. What’s the best time to report on game hardware rising from the grave?The person responsible for this amazing resurrection Soldering (Also known as Taylor Burley), you might recall from the story we did a while back about dunks. Zelda Orange juice cart (basically don’t).

Burley has recently been sent two nicely snapped Game Boy pocket PCBs, offering to repair broken games and hardware in case you didn’t know. The story is that the owner disassembled it to clean the console, but accidentally dropped it on the floor – where his wife (similarly accidentally) stepped on it.

Surprisingly, despite this damage, Burley was able to bring the console back to full functionality. First, he used sandpaper to scrape off the solder mask on the PCB itself, and then reconnected the two PCBs with epoxy. Then all the exposed connections that were broken when the PCB was snapped in two had to be carefully re-soldered (then it competed with a slightly rope-like power switch), but finally It will be a fully functional (albeit naked) Game Boy pocket.