Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Random: This “Vibe Check” for Splatoon 2 characters is a map of memes and jokes.

Following the news that the Octo Expansion DLC for Splatoon 2 is now available for free as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, Nintendo has issued a “Vibe Check” to issue player relationships, grudges, crushes, eh. , Edible for all characters in the game (?). You see, it’s best for you to peep for yourself:

Open it in a new tab and read all the little text!Don’t blame us, blame Nintendo

So now it turns out that Curry and Marie miss each other. Claymond is a “strange little man” and Elfonso thinks you are a peasant. Does it make you better with Splatoon 2? No, probably not.But at least you don’t commit society Abuse When invited to the next squid ball. This is much more important.

Does this count as crab news? Even though it’s Friday ??? Please tell us what your comments match with your “atmosphere”!