Monday, May 16th, 2022

Random: This Shin Megami Tensei V opening video is as healthy as they come

Food4Dogs talks about Shin Megami Tensei V in the latest video. (image: Food4Dogs).

Everyone knows that games are a hobby for everyone in every discipline, but because most successful streamers and game internet personalities are young, trendy “influential people.” It’s great to see some different expressions.

Introduction Food4DogsA New Zealand-based YouTuber that may not seem like a typical shy internet “gamer” at first glance, her videos provide great insight and passion for the gaming industry.Thanks to the new popularity Recent Xbox Series S Impression Videos, Food4Dogs is busy with the release of the unpacking video and a long discussion about her love for everything in the game.

I can’t help but remember Audrey, the fan-dubbed “Animal Crossing Grandma” who fascinated people with her heartwarming attitude towards our favorite hobbies. It’s incredibly fresh to hear the game being discussed in such a relaxed and positive light, and we’re definitely here for it.

If you are interested in the Shin Megami Tensei series and are looking forward to the Megami Tensei V on Switch, I recommend watching the video.Unfortunately I can’t embed it on the site, but I can find the link here..

Thanks to xmkbest for the hint!