Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Random: This reversal referee “class trial” role-playing scene

Fans of the reversal referee hope to remember the touching stories of how prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, defense attorney Phoenix Wright and cute idiot Larry Butts became friends. It started with a simple crime in the classroom. Wright was accused of this, and Yujian served as his little baby’s defense lawyer; it ended up as lawyers in the past two, and Larry Butts became a feminine trouble.

As we all know, “Class Trial” is described in the series as the key moment of Yujian and Wright, and is told through a hazy, sunny episode. It is these vignettes that were faithfully reproduced by three role players a few years ago.

In the photos taken by Peegion Photography, Mangalover93 played Phoenix Wright, fluffyduckyp played Larry Butz, and Cephal_Xin played Miles Edgeworth. All three people put in extra effort and made appropriate efforts for their characters: “For the sake of accuracy, Miles sews the entire garment from scratch, Phoenix drew the T-shirt design and printed it out, When I was inside, I opened my cabinet, picked up and put on a vest and shorts,” said fluffyduckyp on Reddit.