Friday, July 30th, 2021

Random: This penny is carved with Didycon on Abe Lincoln’s shoulder

Well, here is a story to fill up your random Nintendo temporary quota for the day: Someone micro-engraved Diddy Kong on a 1 cent coin. You know, just as you did.

as the picture shows @VolksDK On Twitter, a friend (later Determined in Twitter thread) Uses a name called ‘Ion milling’ It obviously strips off the atomic layer, allowing you to carve incredibly tiny things on the object of your choice-something that looks like a speck to the naked eye.

When doing important laboratory work or engraving your objects with identification marks, it may be some People would choose to use one of these wonderful machines, it seems @allypaca13 But want to pay tribute to their favorite King Kong. We assume this is the case, because when Diddy is clearly the best candidate, why would anyone choose the wrong Kong for this kind of thing, right? correct?

When we zoom in on the right shoulder of ol’ Honest Abe to find the worst Kongs, please observe the following photos…