Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Random: This hopeful Ring Fit competitor’s review is not good

Some of us weren’t convinced when Ring Fit Adventure was first announced. The Wii Sports were great, but in the end we quit it hard, and having all that extra equipment was a bit painful. But we were wrong. Ring Fit Adventure is very good — enough to create competition.

Join Quell Hero, the “future of fitness games” platform for design studio Morrama. The platform, like Ring Fit, leaves players to jog in a linear 3D world and fight monsters. twist? It’s all boxer-sized and has a resistance band and a tactile waistband connected to a motion tracking controller.

It's a bit like a Wii peripheral, but pretty flashy
It’s a bit like a Wii peripheral, but pretty flashy (Image: Quell)

Tactile is new — the trailer promises to make you feel beaten (yes?). There are also competition and cooperation modes not found in Ring Fit.

But Quell Hero probably doesn’t seem to be ready for the Ring Fit throne, perhaps not the future of fitness after all.

“It’s already clear to me that Quell Hero won’t beat the Nintendo title to become the next big thing in fitness games,” he said. Adam Witch of Tech RadarCriticizes a limited range of exercises and a $ 219 price-although it’s cheaper than the Nintendo Switch When Ring Fit Adventure is more expensive just Ring Fit, and as you know, don’t have many other games. He even says that playing Wii tennis with a weighted wristband even feels “much more attractive than unknowingly boxing.”

“There is no reason to choose this over Ring Fit Adventure. [a] Quest 2 or Wii Fit About that. […] Nintendo and Meta hardware aren’t just designed around fitness games. In short, the value proposition is much bigger than the Quell Hero ever wanted to achieve. “
–Adam Witch, TechRadar

Now let’s get back to Ring Fit Adventure. Or maybe it’s time to get Fitness Boxing 2 …?