Monday, May 16th, 2022

Random: This $ 10 Nintendo Switch eShop game suddenly jumped to $ 250

With all Black Friday sales now, the focus is on finding deals and discounts at both retail stores and Switch eShop, but expect to encounter this. I didn’t.

Launched in 2018 at the eShop, Membrane, a leading physics-based puzzle platformer, is heading in the opposite direction. It’s usually available at a very reasonable price of $ 9.99, and games are currently sold in e-shops for an astonishing $ 250.Seriously, this is a quick screenshot of what it looks like right now On the Nintendo site:

Screenshot 2021111913.25.26

we, I’m expecting, This is just a strange pricing error. Indeed, the game is still listed in the UK eShop at a regular price of £ 7.19.

I contacted Perfect Hat Games, the publisher of the game, to clarify. We will update if there is a call back. However, for now, we encourage you to consider trading in the more traditional Black Friday e-shops.You know, where the price goes under..

Thanks to Rupee Clock for the hint!