They do see that part, but wait until you hear them … (image: @charlesmartinetitsame)

If you’ve been to a game expo or a Comic book-style event, Nintendo fans will have noticed it. Bring When it comes to cosplay. We’ve seen some big efforts over the years, and today it’s these fans who have brought some extra energy to their Mario and Luigi outfits.

Discovered at the Fan Expo Dallas over the weekend, these Mario and Luigi cosplayers added sound effects to their outfits, allowing for an impressive performance that blows Strictly Come Dancing out of the water. Anyway, in our eyes.

To make things even more special, the duo was filmed and applauded by the voices of Charles Martinet, Mario, Luigi and others.Yes, they Mario approval.. Sound on:

I don’t know if Shy Guy was a friend of Mario or Luigi, or lurking in the background, but they certainly add a welcome and eerie atmosphere to the scene.

Now, we I had a costume that made sound effects all day long.It won’t bother everyone else in the NL office Jeez… Mwahaha.

Thanks to the rally for the tip!