Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Random: The Xbox team has a soft spot for Paper Mario on the GameCube

The GameCube era may not be as successful as other generations of Nintendo, but it has many excellent exclusive products.

In fact, it has such a legacy that the official Xbox social media account on Twitter has recently reached the point of suggesting why it is “not just a worthy choice” as the “best console”-when it has something like this Great game time Fire Emblem: Path of Glory, Eternal darkness Favorite with fans Paper Mario Entrance, Millennium Gate.

As you can see above, the entire conversation actually originated from a Xbox tweets in response to “PS5 is better” comment. Xbox believes that the best game console is the one you choose to play. This is how the topic turns to GameCube…

In another tweet, the same account expressed love for Vivian, the character of the Thousand-Year Gate:

Although you may not be able to play “Millennium Gate” on Nintendo Switch, you can always be content with last year’s release. Paper Mario: King of Origami. We gave eight stars out of ten and said that this is one of the most interesting games in the series.

What do you think is the best console ever? Do you agree with the Xbox team’s view of this ongoing debate? Leave your own thoughts below.