Friday, September 17th, 2021

Random: The map of Dungeons and Dragons is a 4K copy of The Legend of Zelda: ALTTP’s World of Light

The creativity of The Legend of Zelda fans continues to shock us. What I provide today is a fairly detailed map made in Inkarnate. Inkarnate is a web-based mapping tool that people can use to create a world for their desktop RPG sports. This is the “From Link to the Past” The epitome of “Light World”.

The artist behind the map, Reddit user InspiraSean86 (a good name by the way) said that the “Dark World” map will be available soon-but at the same time, let us appreciate the details contained in it, you can Check out here in full 4K.

Inkarnate is a tool that can provide mapmakers with ready-made assets, whether it is trees, rocks or buildings, you can see many assets in the InspiraSean86 version, from green outposts in swamp areas to waterfall areas in Zora. But when combining assets to create buildings such as palaces and sanctuaries, InspiraSean86 managed to make a convincing version of what we all know and love-even though we are well aware that the palace does not actually have wooden floors.

If anyone intends to use this map for their own Zelda themed event, then you should definitely tell us in the comments (and InspiraSean86!)… If you want to invite us, then we can bring some snacks.Also, be sure to check r / ZeldaTabletop subreddit, You will definitely find like-minded nerds!