Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Random: The local council installed flower pots that looked like Mario, and the residents were upset

We are all familiar with the iconic green warp, right?

As a loyal supporter of Mario’s classic platform adventure, we welcome the idea of ​​dotting some warp lines around the local city center, but some residents of Walsall, UK are not on the same page.

According to reports Birmingham LiveThe Wallsall Council has spent taxpayers’ cash on some new flower pots to “promote happiness and security” and “enhance” the city center. The City Hall has received a total of £1.5 million in funds for the renovation of two areas in the West Midlands. Councilor Adrian Andrew said that the purpose of the new planting is to “in the Walsall Art Gallery” Create more social space outside.”

Unfortunately, the local residents were not satisfied with the new arrivals and exploded the flower pot that looked like a Super Mario warp-knitted pipe and explained that the money could have been spent on other more important things.

Andrea Loveridge of the local flower shop said: “We have closed too many shops in the past few years. The best thing the city council can think of is these fancy monsters. From Super Mali Super Mario Brothers. They look like those managers where Mario jumped down.”

Supermarket worker Sue Morrisson added: “Everyone calls it Mario pipe, which makes us a little bit joke.

We can understand why residents want to spend more wisely, especially in the small town that Sue describes as a “run-down and exhausted look”, but we don’t think local Nintendo fans will be too frustrated: