Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Random: Tetris: Grandmaster Homeport Announcement Revealed by Delayed Announcement

Image: Akira / Tetris Company

Tetris: The Grand Master Series For real A hard Tetris game developed by Japanese company Arika for arcades – and finally appears on home video game consoles.

The news broke as follows Tweet Ichiro Mihara, Vice President of Ichiro Mihara, said the official announcement of the port was supposed to be today, but “we had to withhold it for reasons beyond our control.”So basically, the announcement is delayed teeth Presentation.

Mihara added that Arica was considering an entry for a brand new Grand Master, but licensor Tetris “made it on the condition of the success of these ports.”

Inspired by Sega’s arcade version of Tetris and fan-made Tetris Shimizu Tetris, Arica’s series focuses on getting high scores through a special ranking system.The first game was released in 1998 in a Japanese arcade, and then Tetris: Absolute-Grand Master 2 October 2000 Tetris: The Grand Master 3-Terrorist Instinct March 2005. So far the only console version is the Xbox 360 spin-off. Tetris: Grand Master Ace..

Latest entry, Tetris: Grand Master 4-Round Master, Announced in 2009, but officially canceled the following year. Then, in 2015, it will resurface as follows. Grandmaster 2015, Because there is no license agreement. Location testing was done in Japan and North America, but it was never officially released.

The platform hasn’t been announced, but I think it will include the Switch. Nintendo’s system is not lacking in modern Tetris. Tetris 99, Tetris effect, Puyo Puyo Tetris (And its sequel) Everything is already available on the platform.