Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada really wants Masahiro Sakurai to go to his bar

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Iron fist Director and bar owner Katsuhiro Harada recently uploaded a video on his YouTube talk show channel “Harada Bar“About the people he wants to visit his bar.

One of his top choices is Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition Director Masahiro Sakurai-especially now Tekken’s Kazuya has been added to the game list as a DLC character. Unfortunately, Harada still thinks this is a pipe dream because Sakurai tends to stick to more official broadcasts.

“It’s best to have Sakurai-san here, because [Kazuya] announcement. But basically, he will not appear in such a show. He is not normal. “

Sakurai did appear in variety shows, which was obviously the only “leisure show” he appeared on.

“Basically he only appeared in official stuff… I can at least ask.”

It is also difficult to vary from person to person. As far as Sakurai is concerned, Harada also understands how busy he might be at the moment.

“In this sense, Mr. Ying does have a lot of connections. Because he created things between these connections. [Smash] It must be difficult. I am involved and feel so. It is… a collection of rights holders. It contains a lot of rights, not only Nintendo, but also many companies in the gaming industry. It must be difficult. He is in the middle of all these things, so it must be difficult for him. “

If this is a more private event, then it’s okay—Harada noticed how Sakurai was at his wedding, but with this, he possible The invitation must be made a more formal process.

“If it’s a private matter, I can easily invite him. He even came to my wedding… If it’s Sakurai-san, we have to call Bandai Namco Studio, I will call my own work place…… [laughs] They will be confused why i call them [laughs]…I will ask him.

Harada even asked before Fighting game fans on social media If given the opportunity, what questions would they ask Sakurai:

Street fighter And Capcom legend Yoshinori Ono is also someone Harada aspires to have in his bar plan, but he is clearly the “hardest” person right now, because his new responsibilities as president are very busy Mobile gaming company DelightWorks.

“I have asked him several times. At first he said, of course, I can come. I will come. But once he becomes [DelightWorks] The president of the company even said to him, “You come now, the problem will be big, right?”

It’s unclear whether Harada will be able to let a fighting game representative join his bar, but what we do know is that Sakurai is already working hard. at last The DLC fighter of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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