Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Random: Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai has just purchased the Xbox Series X

Yesterday, Mr. Sakurai, who shared his appearance on a horse, got a lot of attention, and this time he bought an Xbox and got the attention of social media!

Yes, yes-the creator Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Finally, you’ve got Microsoft’s latest and most powerful console, the Xbox Series X. In general, Sakurai loves games. So it’s no wonder he added the latest Xbox hardware to the game setup. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

This is a rough translation of Google along with a reply from the official Xbox Twitter account.

“I finally bought it a year after its release …! It may be affected by Corona, but it’s still difficult to get a game console.”

The Xbox is just celebrating its 20th anniversary, and it’s finally Thanks to Game Pass and xCloud, which can be played on multiple devices, it seems to be attracting attention in the Japanese game market. The Xbox Series X | S is also doing very well in the region.

Just this week, we confirmed that the total sales of the Xbox Series X | S already exceeded the total lifetime sales of the Xbox One.As reported on our sister site Pure Xbox, Microsoft’s new system has shifted about 116,119 units in a year, compared to 114,726 units on the Xbox One about seven and a half years later. I also checked the Xbox Japan has become the fastest growing market for systems, And it continues from Xbox, stating how it wants to expand its reach within the region-by securing more Japanese partnerships and games made in Japan for its service.

Halo Infinite will be released on the platform on December 8th, so Sakurai is probably preparing for it. Do you have any other recommendations for him? Have you ever been on the Xbox trend? Please leave a comment below.