Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Random: Step Aside, Brewster!Isabel makes her own coffee with this animal crossing stop motion animation

image: Animist

Animist, also known as Yuto, is an animator who makes incredible stop motion shorts. I’ve talked about their Kirby stop motion earlier, but their latest work is, to some extent, Animal Crossing: Isabel making coffee by New Horizons. Brewster can probably handle it well, but Izzy.

The stop-motion video is about 35 seconds long and shows a small mayor’s assistant using several tools to grind his beans to reach the top of the grinder.

In the background, there are some details that must be assumed to be a small Easter egg. Owls representing Brother, small ocarinas like games, and even small plants like Isabel are on the desk of the game. ..

Foley by sound designer Masafumi Watanabe is also great — Isabel’s little hair bell rings with every move. Adorable..

Please be sure to check Animist YouTube Channel To see more stop motion animations with these game themes!