Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: Someone is working on the outside world and the outside wilderness at the same time, somehow

Not long ago, writer and narrative designer Kelsey Beachum was developing Outer Wilds, a fantastic space adventure game with very cool twists that we won’t break (just play on Switch!). When the outside world-Obsidian’sfall out “In space” game-coming out a few months later, people Very Confusion, including many reporters, who often have to check whether it is i or o (and it is never the one you think).

Fortunately, Beachum has the answer:

Unfortunately, this useful method of remembering differences quickly became obsolete, because just a few months later, Beachum was hired by Obsidian.

Now, with the final announcement of Outer Wilds DLC, Beachum told her a new and interesting fact on Twitter: she is Both work at the same timeWe are pretty sure that this is the component of the anxiety nightmare, or that Beachum will somehow cause chaos and paradoxes and implosion the universe. Either way, we are all impressed.

But with all the DLC released, how should we remember what Beechm produced?


It's all in "A generation"second
Everything is in “me” (image: Kelsey Beecham)

Outer Wilds DLC “Echoes of the Eye” will be released on all platforms except Switch on September 28, which will be launched during the holidays.

Now, if you can forgive us, we need to lie down. Or is it a kind of aloe?