Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Random: Someone has made Mario Kart run in the game generator garage

We know that it only takes a long time to have some impressive creations Game Builder Garage, And it seems that someone has already gotten a simplified version Super Mario Kart Up and running.

The mastermind behind this is this name Zelda Boy 1 On Twitter, although it “may not feel too much like the original game”, at least it looks like this. The characteristic track is the classic Mario track 1 with a long history, which is “more compact” than the real track.

The game also allows players to choose from all eight characters in the original Super Mario Kart:

If you want to download this game, there is an updated version to exchange some button configurations:

It was amazing to see these works in a few days, so we just hope it becomes more impressive from here on.Some other creations you might want to see include Tengu concept, doom entertainment, A Pac-Man One, Game and watch Mini games, and Under the legend fighting.

What do you think of the early attempts to recreate Mario Kart? What cool works have you seen so far? Leave a comment below.