Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Random: Someone 3D printed their own Crash Bandicoot Smash Bros. amiibo

In the past we have seen Nintendo fans use an existing amiibo to create a slightly different amiibo, but we rarely see anyone building one from scratch. This is exactly what the artist Thomas Dulaney did.

Apparently, it took him “about 10 hours of work” to complete the 3D printing and draw this customized Crash Bandicoot amiibo Super smash bro according to. He used an Elegoo Mars 3D printer, which requires a lot of “practice and skills.”

Obviously, many Smash fans want to see this long-lived video game mascot added to the Ultimate list. There were even rumors that he was a DLC fighter, and there are still some vacancies that need to be filled…

What do you think of this Crash Bandicoot amiibo? Would you like to see this character join the battle in Smash Bros. one day? Leave a comment below.