Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Random: So someone just bought a “among us” chicken nuggets for nearly $100,000

We like video games. We like chicken. In fact, the combination of the two can make you spend a truly exciting night. However, this does not mean that we will spend $100,000 to buy a game-themed chicken nuggets. It’s not just because we can’t afford such things in our entire lives.

Surprisingly, someone just bought McDonald’s chicken nuggets “among us” at a low price of US$99,997.00 (approximately £70,500).It appears in a EBay listing That-until it sees great success-we would describe it as “push it”; surprisingly, after 184 bids, it found a (very wealthy) buyer.

Perhaps part of the selling point is that the “authentic chicken McNuggets among us” is said to be extracted from the exquisite BTS combo meals unique to specific regions.

However, the story got better. As the bidding war progresses, the seller takes the time to update the list with additional instructions. The first one says, “The items will be frozen and then air-sealed to ensure freshness in safe transportation.” You don’t want a damp, thawed, $100,000 gold nugget, do you?

Later notes mentioned that the official Xbox Twitter account made a joke about Sichuan sauce. “Just kidding them,” the seller said. “I have Sichuan food. Upon buyer’s request, I will ship it with the gold nugget.” A picture of a box full of Sichuan sauce was added to the list as evidence.

This is evidence.
This is evidence. (image: Polizner, eBay)

Will the buyer really accept it? Some things tell us that it may not be, but we believe that you are attracted to this fascinating story as much as we are. Wow.

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