Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Random: Shaquille O’Neal Gives 1,000 Nintendo Switches to Children Needed for Christmas

image: Strong Pepsi together

While some of us are busy in Bing Muppets Christmas Carol And eating an ungodly amount of mince pies and cheese, some celebrities were doing kind random acts, or “Shaqness random acts,” as this is clearly called.

Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, also known simply as “Shaquille”, or more festively “Shaquille O’Neal,” recently received 1,000 Nintendo Switches and 1,000 PS5s (probably the same) from his “Friends of Nintendo.” friend).He talked to Gary Vaynerchuk Gary V Audio Experience A podcast about his annual Santa-like activities:

“”[My family] There weren’t many, but they taught me the value of giving back to those in need … 15 to 20 million children woke up on Christmas day, 1 I do not receive one gift. I felt it once. I don’t want my child to feel that way. “

He brought these gifts and a few bikes from Wal-Mart to an elementary school in Georgia. There the children met him and became obsessed with receiving unexpected gifts.

On Shaq’s 2021 tour, he also visited a school in Las Vegas. There, the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation offers toys, laptops, lunches to more children, Brand new basketball court This is a place where children can try on Shakir shoes.

Did you get a switch for Christmas? What was your first game? Please let us know in the comments.