Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Random: Sega launched Sonic Adventure 2 Mod during the 30th anniversary of Symphony

Whether you are a fan of mods or not, they have become an important part of many video game communities over the years. Some companies even choose to embrace and guide the creativity of fans.

We recently heard that Sega is still cool in Sonic fan games (in most cases)-as long as the project is not monetized, it seems that the recent Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony, which borrowed a Ultra camera module made of Sonic Adventure 2 Modifier Exant:

As you can see, Exant is happy to see the mod appearing in the Anniversary Symphony. The module appeared during the intermission of the two-hour live broadcast.Here is what it looks like at runtime (check out the 1:06:00 mark in the video):

Of course, this is not the first time we have seen Sega publicly embrace the Sonic mod community like this.Perhaps the most famous case is the release Sonic Mania, Directed and developed by Christian Whitehead.He originally started making Sonic fan games before the transplant Sonic CD To mobile devices.