Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Random: Say hello to Chinese superhero-Zuke: Hero

Pirated games are still popular, but they have a certain charm EarlierIn this era, they are legendary stories, and they are spread secretly. Over the past time, more and more concrete and varying degrees of isolation of the Chinese market from the mainstream video game industry have not stopped brave regional developers from making games to create the best games.

YouTube channel St1ka They have done a great job digging up lesser-known titles and showing them, they have now used some pirated copies to do this Rockman Games touring in China.Developed for “Game Boy Color” and “Game Boy Advance”, one of the series is titled Zook: Hero, And the actual games look pretty good-well, some of them.

It is very fun to learn these pirated games from one day and watch them in action, so we suggest you drink a refreshing drink, and then watch the video below: