Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Random: Sakurai shows off print and frame version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mural

image: @Sora_Sakurai

Last week the last fighter arrived Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kingdom Hearts Sora. As you may remember, he has also been added to the famous mural-a slot between Dark Samus and Ganondorf to complete the roster.

Looking at the digital version is one thing, but game director Masahiro Sakurai showed off the actual version of the printed and framed mural. He doesn’t really mention where it hangs, but I guess it’s either in his house or in the studio-and what a sight it is!

Some fans are doing something similar in appearance. If you look in the right place, you should be able to find high resolution images of murals online. I am confident that it will be a great item at the My Nintendo Store. Nintendo, please!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
image: Nintendo

Interested in a printable version of the finished smash mural? How do you find it? Please leave a comment below.