Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Random: Sakurai seems to be finally taking a break from the development of Super Smash Bros. on PS5

Last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The DLC Fighter will air on October 5th next week. So how does game director Masahiro Sakurai kill time until then? Of course, on PlayStation 5!

No, really-in his latest social media post on Twitter, he shared an image of the PS5 DualSense Wireless controller.According to Google Translate, he was upgraded to 2TB SSD after Sony recently System firmware update..

If you know Sakurai’s love for games, it’s only natural to meet him on the PS5. I’ve seen a rich library of his video game systems publishing presentations on Super Smash Bros. fighters before, but he has a good collection.

A shot of Sakurai's setup in 2020. Imagine on PS5 now ...
A shot of Sakurai’s setup in 2020. Imagine on PS5 now …

It also records how he played 242 PlayStation games in 2019. Wow!

Most fans believe this is just sharing the latest information about what he’s doing lately, but as always, there are fans reading things- Probably a little too much.

Some speculations based on this tweet seem to suggest that the final fighter will be the representative of the PlayStation-and some comments refer to Crash Bandicoot and go one step further. .. Some people seem to be joking about the confirmed battle between “PlayStation” and “SSD”.

Heck, for everything we know, he may be teasing the sequel to the PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale.

Are you happy to see Sakurai finally taking some time from the development of Super Smash Bros.? Do you think the above tweet is making fun of something? Share your thoughts below.