Monday, November 29th, 2021

Random: “Roadkill NES” found beside the Texas Highway has been restored to operation

They certainly won’t make them like they used to. Well, that’s certainly the case with this poor and unloved NES rescued from the side of the Texas highway.

Rob Ivy (also known as: Rob Ivy) Outdated nerds), NES seems to have been abandoned, until he decides to collect the console himself and drop it off with his peers, even though Ivy has pinpointed the location of the console on social media. Stayed there. 8-bit guy, The person who decided him Might be so You can save it.

Surprisingly, he was right! The console refused to boot when first asked, and the internal RF shield was crooked and bent, but with a bit of TLC it returned to working. In fact, the 8-bit guy even cleans the tattered and cracked casing and even secures the underside “feet”. The result is a NES that can give you years of joy.

Remember, Kids – NES is for life as well as Christmas (1986).