Monday, September 20th, 2021

Random: rapper Soulja Boy claims that he owns Atari, Atari disagrees

Picture: Atari

Ah, the legend of Soulja Boy. As early as 2018, the rapper apparently caught Nintendo’s legal attention for selling fake game consoles pre-installed with hundreds of unlicensed ROMs. However, despite having to shut down his website and “boss” (his boss) If it is not ours), Soulja Boy has since returned to the battlefield with similar cunning equipment-including his recent achievement, TRDR Pocket, which is in fact based on an existing handheld device called Retroid Pocket.

As if dirtying his hands with low-cost simulation equipment is not enough, the rapper-whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way-now claims that he owns one of the most famous brands in the video game world.

This Wednesday, Soulja Boy jumped on his Instagram live (Naturally wearing an Atari shirt and baseball cap) and said that he has reached an agreement with Atari, and now he is In fact Company owner:

“…They signed the Atari deal with me. Shout out to all Atari employees that I am about to transform the company and we will take Atari to a new level…I am now Atari’s Owner Atari. I own the video game company Atari.

They are very proud of what I and I did on the Soulja Boy console, you know what I’m talking about. I blew up Soulja Boy Game.

We are about to sell this company for 100 USD… I think I will get 140 million USD… I finally got 140 million USD from Soulja Boy Game, so… Atari reached out to help me Just signed an agreement with Atari…I signed two agreements with Atari…I am the owner.

The first rapper to own a video game company. We want to take it to a new level…just like we did on Soulja Boy Game. “

As you might expect, Atari’s Twitter account debunked this claim almost immediately, noting that Wade Rosen is still the company’s CEO:

The problem is that Soulja Boy who owns Atari is perhaps This is credible when you consider the risks involved in the company’s current incarnation. Does anyone like to stay at Atari Hotel?

In addition to creating music and selling cheap video game consoles, Soulja Boy also has its own fashion brand and even sells soap.