Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Random: Probably the rarest Nintendo e-reader card found so far

Over the years, Nintendo and its partner companies have produced many rare game-related cards. Whether we are talking about amiibo cards (Sanrio X Animal Crossing cross cards are being traded for stupid money lately) or a large number of physical Pokémon TCG cards, they always seem to be in high demand, and some cards almost immediately become collectors’ favorites article.

However, there is another kind of card, which is the real one. Very rare; A one-time production that has long been discontinued and will not be reprinted.This story may involve one of the rarest stories: an award-winning special edition Kirby e-reader promotional card Part of the package It is specially designed for the industry audience at the 2002 E3 exhibition. @Robert Jenderson Obviously found one!

He contacted Nintendo Life about the most recent discovery, and seems to have a fully functional-and Win — Card, as shown in the figure below:

“At the weekend, I found 3 such cards in my collection. The second card I swiped revealed this…this is the only known winner in good condition in existence.” (image: @Robert Jenderson)

The winning card (only valid for redemption between May 22 and 24, 2002) seems to have survived the redemption, the following Nineteen Years are in good condition.why not we There is a very rare and valuable card or three cards in the family, eh?

The three versions of this card were made for 2002 E3-the only event in the industry at the time. Remember-the variants with “no prize”, “second prize” and “first prize”, these Variants enter the blind promotion package Including Pokémon and game and watch cardsUse GBA and e-readers to scan them at the show, and then you can exchange the winning card for a prize, although we are not sure what the prize is-we heard rumors that the GBA Pokémon Gold NYC Edition may be the highest prize. Of course not too shabby, although we bet, buying one of these game consoles is much cheaper than one of the Kirby cards, and it is a successful example!

Not only did they produce very small batches of these cards (100 second prize cards, obviously only 10 “winners”), but any cards that are redeemed for prizes will be quickly torn apart by Nintendo representatives to prevent double redemption-this explains this extremely rare situation.

In the early 2000s, various promotional cards were made for the Game Boy Advance’s short-lived e-reader accessories, but as a small batch of single event cards, this winning example is arguably one of the rarest cards. Nintendo’s short-lived.

Do you know other examples of winning Kabika by escaping destruction in the hands of a Nintendo representative at the 2002 E3 show? How many people knocked at the bottom of the drawer, do you have one? Or do you have one of the prizes offered? Let us know at any time, let us become incandescent with jealousy below.