Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Random: Pokemon releases 30-minute ASMR video of Piplup songs, laughter and flapping wings

It’s better to stop reporting the rest of the day’s news because of the content we’ve all been waiting for – no. Desperately pray for – Finally arrived.

Pokemon Company has released the latest video of the ASMR series (“Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” or “Feel with Sound” for strangers). This time, it’s nothing but Piplup. For 30 minutes, Piplup can be seen rolling around the living room, laughing and laughing. It’s until it finally falls asleep.

While we were typing this, we were sitting and listening to the video, but it didn’t help us relax. Having said that, have you ever said that Piplups fly everywhere in 30 minutes? It’s worth a look regardless.

So sit down, put on some headphones and experience the video for yourself. No, you are welcome. Or I’m sorry. Either is true.

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