Metroid Dread hasn’t been out for a week yet, but some of the skills we’re seeing even in this early stage are very impressive.

If you’re playing the game yourself, one of the things that’s immediately apparent is Smooth and smooth Samus feels in control. Running around, sliding, and firing quick-targeted missile shots are incredibly satisfying, and some of the late-stage mechanics of the game are some seriously cool. It brings possibilities.

With Minor spoiler If you don’t want to see the unlocking feature throughout the game, we recommend checking out this video from YouTube user remelrelyk. Players combine Samus’ morph balls with bombs, wall jumps, speed boosts, shine parks, and grapple beams to perform a series of unexplainably fast movements.


By the way, we have already seen speedruns like this appearing online 1:43:20 Efforts by YouTuber user Ihaveastupidename. The way people beat the game so fast is already beyond us, but brave:

Players have come up with various strategies to defeat the game from the word “go”. This includes attempts by the player to take another route early and then defeat the boss in a fairly unconventional way (again, there is a spoiler warning).

Did you play a game? How is it going? Please let us know in the comments.