Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Random: Pikmin Bloom Player accidentally sends Pikmin to a Homeward Bound style mission

Image: Nintendo via Pexels / Ákos Szabó

Pikmin Bloom is now available in the Americas. So far, I’m enjoying Pikmin Bloom. especially,”Comprehensive guide for new players“Available on Reddit, thanks to one hard-working player.

Most of the details in the guide are about fruit, petals, seedling collection, and how the Pikmin team works, but there’s one thing that stands out to us.

“If you’re traveling long distances by plane or car, be aware that you’ll send Pikmin on an expedition. After I once flew to another state, by the time Pikmin walked all over the country to reach me, It took 40 days. “

that is Sad.. Poor men! Sure, most of us haven’t traveled much at this point, but if things reopen, be sure to have Pikmin. Otherwise, you will be forced to go on the cutest Oregon Trail trek in the world.

Have you ever been upset while playing Pikmin Bloom? Let us know in the comments!