Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Random: One fan “poorly” portrays nearly 700 hollow knights while waiting for a silk song

Oh, Silksong — it’s been a long time. Team Cherry’s stunning Metroidvania Hollow Knight followers have been waiting a long time to follow up on one of the 2017 indie game breakout hits. The first demo released in February 2019 was Nintendo E3 2019 Treehouse Stream Back in June 2019, it looked great at that stage … and since then, almost everything we’ve seen and heard.

One of the most enthusiastic fans, Reddit’s Weebles Jeebles, I decided to draw the title character once a day, every day, while waiting for the sequel to fall. After December 18, 2019 — Immediately after Team Cherry Preview the game’s Chris Larkin soundtrack —Weebles Jeebles is now Day 683… and there is no Silk song yet.

The artist, as we say, understates the photo as an “insufficient” depiction, sometimes keeps the topic, creates linked images over several days to create strips, and regularly has a good atmosphere. And provide general advice. Observe some of the following, including some pun-based images. We love good puns:

We are sure to understand and appreciate that enthusiasm. Recognizing that it was a long shot, we tentatively added Silksong to the list of upcoming games we’re looking forward to earlier this year. Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase is scheduled for late today, but technically you still have time, right?

Shadowdrops are too big to expect — even the new trailer feels weird now, but the game needs to start At some point, So that’s not out of the question. Please agree with us that it’s not out of the question!

Obviously, the world’s events since 2019 are turbulent, so it’s not surprising that the game takes a long time to get pregnant. The original is still retained in that respect and may have sold many years before its release. I do not have a reason. Team Cherry shouldn’t take that sweet old days in the sequel.

However, waiting is not easy. Now remember what the game looks like in this gameplay demo from Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse Stream … from June 2019.

Below, please tell us your favorite “poor” drawn Hollow Knight.