image: Via Timur Gagiev on YouTube

Game Boy Advance, a 32-bit handheld system released in 2001, managed to launch and run games like 3D, but I don’t think I’ve seen such a great game.

Presentation of “Open Lara”-also known as original tomb Raider A game running on Game Boy Advance. It’s currently in alpha, but as you can see, it’s probably some of the best looking 3D ever seen on the system. The frame rate is also quite impressive.

As one GBA enthusiast points out, a “fully 3D articulated character model” looks more “light-years ahead” than any other model ever made. Others have pointed out how it worked better than the N-Gage version of Nokia. According to the author Timur’X Proger’ Gagiev, we plan to further optimize this version and release it on the DS.

For more information on the OpenLara project Tomb Raider Forum.. OpenLara has also been shown to run on the following platforms: switch, Xbox And even 3DO..

Although the first Tomb Raider in its original form is not Formally Available on the Nintendo platform, Square Enix will release a two-in-one pack later this year with a switch that includes a Tomb Raider spin-off. Lara Croft and Guardian of the Light When Lara Croft and Temple of Osiris..

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