Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Random: Official Animal Crossing Stamp Rally opens at Japan Aquarium

© Nintendo

In the next step in our ongoing “Japan Gets All The Best” series, the Japanese Aquarium will host the official (completely real) Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Event, partly based on Blathers’ in-game Museum Day stamp rally.

Yes, it seems that Yokohama Hakkeijima Ocean Park held a partner event between July 12 and August 31 (Thank you Animal Crossing World) And park visitors will have the opportunity to participate in fishing competitions with CJ, win stickers from CJ and Pascal (scallop-loving otters), and fill in a stamp assembly book with a bunch of villager stamps as they wander around and observe marine life.

according to website, Apparently there is an amiibo card and poster that can be used for joint promotions with the My Nintendo website (in Japan, remember).

Let us briefly look at what you might win if you do not live in a country outside of Japan and are able to visit the Yokohama area in the next few months…

If you want to participate, there is even a related Dream Address code that can take you to the customized Sea Paradise island-you don’t have to be in Japan for this! It is not as impressive as some of the Dream Address islands we have seen, but we have seen worse ones:

There are also a bunch of custom-designed costumes, if you want to dress up as a yellow dolphin, for example:

You can view all the details and other small collocations Official website For the park, and again feel sad that you don’t live in Japan (or feel smug if you live in Japan).