Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Random: Now that the smash is complete, Sakurai doesn’t have to worry about what to share on social media

image: Via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It may be the best crossover video game ever, but for the game director Masahiro Sakurai, it hasn’t been easy for years.

Aside from health issues and the struggles of adding certain fighters, whenever he appears in shows, interviews, or posts anything on social media, he is very I had to be careful. A few Fans will guess what he said, link it to the next fighter or collaboration, and switch to Nintendo’s All-Star fighter. Obviously, as of this week, it’s the end of the era- Last Kingdom Hearts DLC fighter Sora is here.

In other words, Sakurai is now able to share a little more about his personal life and his love for video games without the fans thinking. All It’s a hint that he posts on Twitter.Of course I’m sure it won’t stop A fewBut if you’re monitoring the development cycle, it’s clear that Smash is complete at this point-at least for now.

So what is his first game-related photo post-smash ultimate development?It’s a photo Among us Toys with his cat. Now, keep in mind that if he posted this kind of photo earlier this month, the entire smash fandom could collapse completely. Heck, sure, how he acknowledges one of the most popular multiplayer releases in recent years is still pretty neat.

Sasara is now free to post whatever she likes (in terms of the game) without worrying about what fans think is a hint. Again, I’m sure some people can’t stop guessing, but it’s good for him if Sakurai is happy to post this kind of thing on his Twitter page. That’s it!

In addition to Super Smash Bros., Sakurai’s Famitsu column, which he has been writing since 2003, will soon be over. It’s the end of the era. Fortunately, he never leaves the video gaming industry (at least completely)-repeatedly not retiring after Ultimate earlier this year. What do you want to see next from Sakurai other than the natural rest? Please leave a comment below.