Friday, September 17th, 2021

Random: No one likes Tan Crewmate among us

The Twitter account among us is Full of neat little insights Into the popular betrayal game, the latest is no exception: since the 15-player update, the team has been monitoring people’s crew color choices, and now they have the result.

First of all, unsurprisingly, red is the iconic space bean, and he is supreme as the incarnation among us. The second is black, the third is white, the fourth is “rosy” (different from pink, which ranks eighth), and the fifth is blue.

Crew Ranking
image: Neslos

But waaaayyyyyy was at the bottom, and Tan was ranked 18th, only defeated by Brown, Maroon and Grey. Obviously, among us players really don’t like neutrals and nudity.

The real crime is that corals are ranked 12th and bananas are ranked 11th. Look how cute they are! Do you think yellow is better than bananas? You are wrong.

Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that you have no friends, Tan. At least this means that you are also the least likely to be selected as an impostor.