Photo: Nintendo

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Nintendo’s US President-the only Doug Bauzer-seems to have recently written a letter to congratulate the Cub Scout unit for gaining the “Arrow of Light” rank. No, it’s not Zelda that the Princess whips to completely destroy Ganon (or until the next game), but it’s the highest rank that Cub Scout can achieve before being promoted to the next level of Scout Dam.

according to Tales from the CollectionThe military leader contacts Nintendo before the tangentially “electronic-themed” Blue & Gold banquet event, requesting a congratulatory letter from the six who were awarded the Cub Scout and were leveling up. I did.

The reader who posted the article on Facebook (unfortunately not found) reportedly only used Nintendo’s official letterhead to ask the company for a response. However, he received six letters signed by Nintendo Honmachi, the tallest in the Americas.

Letter 768x955
image: Sean Tanner via Tales of the Rays

As you can see in the picture above, each letter also had a Nintendo bookmark.

Message of encouragement and sign from Bowser When Awkward bookmarks? Not bad, right?

Please let us know below the Nintendo executives who would like to receive words of encouragement. A little chat from Mr. Koizumi will bring us a good world.