Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Random: Nintendo US President Dougbauser celebrates Samus’ return with Metroid Dread

image: @thetruebowser

In Nintendo, it was probably one of the best weeks of the year. NS Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai reveals that Sora will be the last fighter, Rockstar announces the GTA trilogy of the platform, Nintendo launches a new “OLED model” switch, after waiting incredibly long , Samus is back original Metroid series.

Doug Bower, president of Nintendo of America, is known to be a big fan of the company’s classic series, and Metroid doesn’t seem to make any difference. On social media, He shared a photo of his brand new Nintendo Switch OLED with Samus’ latest outing copy, Metroid dread -everyone “Dread full” Day!

The celebration obviously didn’t stop there. Nintendo New York Store He also hosted his own event to celebrate Samus’ return. Here are some of the photos from the event-showing a lot of the purchases of Metroid Dread and Switch OLEDs:

Earlier this week, Doug also participated in the #ThankYouSakurai social media hashtag following the release of Kingdom Hearts character Sora.This is his tweet, acknowledging this special moment Super Smash Bros. history:

Read, watch, and listen to Nintendo Life reviews to learn more about the latest Metroid games that end the thrilling arc of Samus and Metroid’s “interconnected fate.” already:

Have you played Metroid Dread like Doug in the last few days? Did you finally get the Switch OLED model? Please leave a comment below.