Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Random: Nintendo (jokingly) keeps fans tricked into seeing Warioware ads

WarioWare: Get It Share: Together! Already almost two months out (seriously, where is the time going?), Nintendo is still busy plugging in games from time to time on social media posts. And for good reason – it’s great and deserves your time.

However, we cannot help noticing that the current marketing of the title is underway with a slightly sneaky theme. As you can see, Nintendo, which fits perfectly into Wario’s mischievous persona, uses old bait-and-switch to trick fans into thinking they’re looking at content based on other Nintendo games. .. Then BAM, Wario stormed, it was all a big lie. mischief..

This is what we mean – check out this interesting Splatoon 2 results video …

Or what about this Mario video? Will Mario pass the bow? Ah…

OK, this is the calm Animal Crossing gameplay. The contents of the ball – don’t worry.

It’s all a bit cheeky, but we have to admit that it’s clever. Get It Together! For those who have never played, these little ads refer to the fact that Wario’s latest games include a number of Nintendo-themed microgames. A special little game mayhem.

Other Micro Games Made in Wario: Get Together!Including those based on Metroid, Fire emblem, Ice climber more. If any of these appear in your feed in the next few days, watch out for Wario’s surprises.