Image: Burberry/Mojang

It may sound like a distorted ice cream flavor, but Burberry X Minecraft Authentic and actually surprisingly good. Anyway, until I saw the price tag.

The wildly popular voxel building game and fashion house have teamed up to create curated, limited-edition merchandise including a $1,000 hoodie, a Burberry check scarf with Minecraft flowers and a matching bucket. hat and sweatpants.

But perhaps the jewel in the collection is a square scarf with a Minecraft landscape printed on it.

Here is a complete list of what you can buy Burberry siteif you feel it costs money:

  • Logo and Check Cashmere Scarf — $550 (Sold Out)
  • Landscape Print Cotton Square Scarf — $250 (coming soon)
  • Logo Appliqué Cotton Gabardine Bucket Hat — $530
  • Monogram Motif Print Cotton Hoodie — $1,000
  • Monogram Motif Waterloo Trench Coat — $2,990
  • Embroidered Floral Cotton Jogging Pants — $720

For those who hesitate to buy $25+ clothing items, we feel you — but Mojang believes that Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond has been hijacked by an evil force called the Nexus. Set in another reality version of London. Traveling to several realms, Nature must return them to their natural state by reviving his guardians and releasing the animals.

Burberry X Minecraft
Image: Burberry/Mojang

there are also 15 freey You can choose from Burberry skins. Some refer to the actual product, so it’s as if you were wearing it!

To download the free DLC, Go to Minecraft Marketplace.

The collaboration is also celebrated with a $100,000 donation to Conservation International, a charity interested in preserving habitats, protecting and restoring forests, and supporting indigenous peoples. Players who also donate to Conservation International by December 31, 2022 will receive more of her five Burberry-themed character accessories for Minecraft, including sunglasses, caps and backpacks. .