Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Random: Metroid Dread’s current world record speedrun was less than 1.5 hours

Metroid Dread appeared in less than a month, but Speedrunners are already working hard to set a world record in the fastest time to complete.

Even just a few days after its release, we were amazed at how it was done. good Several players have joined the game — and the current world record holder, karterfreak, is a great example. The current time on the Any% run is only 1:22:52, and karterfreak’s time is a little less than a minute ahead of second-placed Bdog.

Running Karterfreak includes some nifty tricks, such as understanding how to parry EMMI, completing a bomb jump, and being really really good at platforming.

Also, karterfreak is a cartoon dog.I’m sorry but (image: karterfreak).

Karterfreak has been running for at least four years, holding records for Yooka-Laylee and Super Lucky’s Tale, and Shovel Knight’s ranking is quite high. Then it’s no exaggeration to say that he’s a fan of old-fashioned platformers.

Of course, the world of speed running is fast-paced, and Metroid Dread tricks and skips are still understood … so this time can be expected to continue to decline in the coming weeks and months, but apparently. Impossible.. Speedrunners are basically wizards.

Any tips on playing Metroid Dread learned from this video? Do you think you can beat the time of karterfreak? Please tell me in the usual place.