Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Random: Metroid Dread Zero Suit Samus model closes up in considerable detail

image: Via Nintendo / YouTube (credit BeardBear)

If you are killed by something it’s not EMMI robot Metroid dreadAfter that, you’ve probably seen the next Zero Suit Samus animation. It may not seem like it’s working that much, but it’s actually quite detailed.

An individual known as’Finalizer‘After sifting the Switch-specific game files, I shared these findings on Twitter.

Not only are there some changes in the model when compared to Metroid: Other M A version of Samus (short heels, no weapon holster, etc.), but the model with a screen time of about 2 seconds clearly has about 14,000 polygons. However, if you’ve played Dread, you’re probably seeing this screen a little longer.

The same source also mentions changes in the character’s face, the addition of “cheek” textures. The details are as follows.

And here’s what this particular model looks like in action:

This is a unique screenshot taken directly from the game, just before the “Game Over” screen.

Metroid Dread Samus

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