Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Random: Japanese cafe launches limited-time Ace lawyer themed menu

For Ace Lawyer and Food, the first thing most people think of is that the series positions common Japanese food in American cuisine a bit strangely. For example, Maya’s love for ramen is translated asHamburger“. But we are not split here Hair Regarding whether burgers are sushi noodles-we are here to introduce you to CapcomCafé’s new menu!

This is a commodity, not food.Please don't eat these things
This is a commodity, not food.Please don’t eat these things

The Capcom Café is located in Japan, Japan, and is famous for its video game-themed dishes, including Resident Evil Drinks and Mega Man Curry. They have previously completed the Ace Attorney cooperation, including the currently running cooperation, in which there is a tissue box that looks like an Edgeworth bow tie. Yes, this is a very specific product, and yes, we really want it.

Attorney Ace of Capcom Cafe Food

In addition to the merchandise, Capcom Café is still making a dish, including:

1. Keema curry, inspired by the pink pullover worn by Phoenix Wright (Naruhodo Ryuichi in Japan) in the third Ace Attorney game, served on a plate with the words “kurae!” Above it, Japanese is equivalent to “accept!”

2. A plate of Japanese-style Mexican samurai tacos named “Tonosaman” with a photo of the steel samurai and his name printed on the tortillas

3. Godot’s Café coffee break set, this is a coffee jelly with biscuits and chocolate cake on the side

4. Blue Hawaiian Parfait, this is a Franziska Von Karma-themed drink, because it is…blue?

5. Chocolate banana drink, obviously inspired by Maya Fey’s yukata?

6. A (non-alcoholic) fruit sangria inspired by Apollo Justice (because it is red and shorter than other drinks, maybe?)

7. Another non-alcoholic beverage, called “soda water”, in memory of Klavier Gavin (Klavier Gavin)

You can also purchase Keema Curry’s separate dishes. If you spend more than 3,000 yen (approximately £20), you will get a free postcard that includes Klavier, Apollo, Maya, Phoenix, Franziska, Edgeworth, Godot or The whole group. Ordering a drink will provide you with a placemat with all characters, and anyone who orders a drink will get a coaster with one of the characters’ faces. That is a lot of free stuff.

Free coasters!
Free coasters!